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Easy Issue Template for Data Center.

Platform: Data Center

Version: 2.2.0


  • Status
    Improved template scoping options, enabling restriction to designated projects.

  • Status
    Template filtering based on context and scope during application.

  • Status
    Added a preview of the description field on the Template editing interface.

  • Status
    Fixed an issue where applying a template caused a "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'status')" error.

  • Status
    Enhancements to the UI/UX of the template editing form for a better user experience.

3.0.25 Jira Cloud.

What's new

Description field preview


  • When editing a Template, you can now preview the Description field. This feature allows users to see the actual appearance of the Description in the created issue, rather than just the basic markup format.

  • Also, we've included a handy link to the Formatting Notation Help for your convenience.

3.0.21 Jira Cloud.

What's new in version 3.0.21-AC


  • Various UI/UX improvements in template editing and form functionality.

  • Enhanced scoping for templates, allowing them to be limited to specific projects.

  • Filtering templates according to context and scope when applying them.

  • Set minimum page height (workaround for the "AP.sizeToParent() doesn't take the entire page" bug

  • Library updates

3.0.20 Jira Cloud.

Implement support of label selection through Manage Template form

2.0.0 Jira Data Center.

A new generation of Easy Jira Issue Templates for Data Center

  • Improved UX

  • Epic templates support

  • Variables support

  • Manage Template field's scope

  • Extended Jira versions' compatibility

3.0.10 Jira Cloud.

Template Management page UI/UX improvements

  • Ability to find templates by name and/or issue type

  • Sorting templates by Issue Type

3.0.9 Jira Cloud.

UI/UX improvements

  • Ability to find templates by name and type, filter matching the issue type in the Apply Template dialog

  • Improved Project and Template search in the New Issue dialog

3.0.6 Jira Cloud.

Onboarding and zero-state improvements


  • On the Templates Management page

  • On the Get Started page

  • In the New Issue and Apply Template dialogs when there are no templates

3.0.1 Jira Cloud.

UI/UX Improvements 🎉

  • Simplified template selection when creating new issues

  • Added creation of sub/child tasks after pre-filling new issues

  • Added tree of created issues

  • Moved template variables to a separate step

  • Added ability to move back to each step or start over when creating issues

  • Added ability to navigate to any of created issues of any hierarchy level

  • Added ability to Apply templates of various issue types

  • Other minor UI/UX improvements

1.8.26 Jira Cloud.

  • Fixed order of child/sub-tasks

  • Improved order of Variables display

1.8.21 Jira Cloud.

  • Added: Ability to copy a template issue in order to extend the existing template instead of making a new one

  • Fixed: Hide unsuccessful issue creation error messages on the next try