Create (Save) Template

Creating a Jira Issue Template is a straightforward process with the Easy Issue Templates for Jira app. This guide provides detailed instructions for Jira Cloud and Data Center users on how to save existing issues as templates, including setting the template scope and incorporating various fields.

Jira Cloud Instructions

Part 1: Saving a Template from an Existing Issue

  1. Start with an Existing Issue:

    • Ensure you have a Jira issue already created, as this will form the basis of your new template.

  2. Access the Save Template Feature:

    • Navigate to your selected Jira issue.

    • Open the top right menu by clicking on the "•••" (More) icon.

    • Select “Save Template” from the dropdown menu.

      Save issue as template.png

  3. Configure the Template:

    • Set the template name in the prompted field.

    • Click "Create" to save the template.

    • This new template will include the issue's summary, description, and any subtasks (with their summaries and descriptions).

Part 2: Creating a Template from an Existing Jira Issue

  1. Find the Create Template Button:

    • The “Create template” button is available in various locations including:

      • Manage Templates screen.

      • Create from template popup (zero-state).

      • Apply issue popup (zero-state).

      • Get Started page.

  2. Create the Template:

    • Click “Create Template” in any of the above locations.

      Manage Templates zero-state
    • Select a Jira issue as the source for your template.

    • Set a name for your template.

    • Click “Create” to finalize the new template.

Understanding Template Scope

The created templates will have a broad scope, capturing essential elements of the issue. For more detailed control over which fields are included or excluded in your template, refer to the "Enabling template fields" feature in Jira.


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Jira Server and Data Center Instructions

You need to have a Jira issue created first so that you can save it as a Jira Template

  • Go to your Jira issue

  • Open "More" Menu

  • Click “Save as Template”

  • Set Template Name

  • Click "Create"

  • Then use your saved Jira issue template for new issue creation!


By following these steps, you can efficiently create Jira Issue Templates in Jira with Easy Templates app, enhancing your project management and workflow automation. These templates can save time and ensure consistency across similar tasks and issues.

Additional Resources

By utilizing these features, you can tailor your Jira environment to better suit your project management needs, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient workflow.