Use Cases

Why do we need templates? Because they save our time in the re-creation of the company’s processes, guide users on filling in the most needed information per Jira issue, and help to structure bug reporting to identify steps to reproduce.

Use these templates with Easy Templates for Jira to speed-up and unify repetitive Jira issues creation.

Bug Report

Help users to report bugs consistently! Use Bug report template and speed up bug reporting process and provide enough information.

Potential bug report format

Steps to reproduce * Actual result * Expected result * <<Platform>> <<Browser>> <<Software Version>> <<Module>>
Save issue as a template
Create an issue from the template. Fill variables

User Story

A common User Story template helps the team focus on the story's purpose and the value it will deliver to customers. It may also use the Given/When/Then format to specify high-level acceptance criteria.

The potential user story format

As a <<User Type>> I want to <<Action to perform>> So that <<Goal to achieve>>


Building up a new warehouse or Production Line

  • Epic: Line installation

    • Story: Installation of the wall

      • Subtask: wall part

      • Subtask: wall electricity and cables

      • Subtask: wall platform

    • Story: Installation of production are

      • area fences

    • Story: Finishing installation

      • Pneumatic

      • Electrification

      • Cable trays

Other Templates